Dates:October 8 - December 5, 2024
Meets:In person October 8th & November 7th, 2024 in Rapid City, SD
Cost: $40.00

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Instructor: Pat Hubert
Credits: 1
Tuition: $40
Dates: October 8- December 5, 2024
*In person class dates: October 8th from 8:30am- 4pm and November 8th from 8:30am- 4pm
Location: Hybrid- Online & Rapid City, SD

Course Description: This two-day course will walk participants through gathering data, analyzing data, using data to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and using the FBA to write an effective Behavior Support Plan (BSP). Day one will focus on the data gathering and conducting the FBA. Participants will use this information in their classroom with a student they choose and gather data to bring back to the second day of training. During the second day of training, participants will use their student data to write a Behavior Support Plan. Participants will write a follow up paper on their process and the results they saw with their student.

Course Purpose: This course will focus on teaching participants to use data to find the function of behavior for struggling students and write a behavior support plan that will work to teach the student the skills they need to be successful.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will learn how to gather and use data to make decisions on behavior supports
2. Participants will use the information they learned during day one, in their classroom to gather data on a student
3. Participants will use the data gathered during day two of the training to conduct a functional behavior assessment
4. Participants will create a behavior support plan using the information from the functional behavior assessment
5. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of why they need to teach students the skills needed to monitor their own behaviors
Fee: $40.00

Patricia Hubert