Dates: March 7 - April 22, 2022

Meets: Online

Location: Online

3 Credits: $120.00

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Instructor: William A. Draves
Dates: March 7 – April 22, 2022
Location: Online
Credits: 3
Fee: $120.00

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Course Description: Successful continuing education (C.E) programs require leaders who can both lead and manage. The LERN C.E. Model course is for people new to continuing education leadership, staff looking to climb the leadership ladder, and seasoned leaders.
The LERN C.E. Model isn’t a cookie cutter template. Instead, it’s an assortment of leadership, best practices and benchmarks that a continuing education program should employ to improve performance. It includes course programming, marketing, contract training and operations strategies, and more.
Successfully leading a continuing education program is challenging. You must have expertise in finance, staff structure, management, new revenue generation, data analysis, increasing intellectual capital, planning and more. The LERN C.E. Model course incorporates everything a continuing education leader needs to know to run a successful program.
LERN staff work daily with North American continuing education leaders and developed The LERN C.E. Model by understanding why successful continuing education leaders are successful. If you want to
Fee: $120.00


William Draves



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