Dates: September 22, 2023

Meets: F from 12 N to 5:00 PM

Registration Fee: $50.00

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Instructors: Patti Berg-Poppe, Kory Zimney & Melissa Dittberner
Date: Friday, September 22, 2023, 12pm-5pm
Location: Changed to Center for Health Education Room 103A/B
Fee: $50.00
CEU: 0.5 CEU and certificate will be awarded for successfully completing course requirements

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Course Description: This course explores the vital role of the therapeutic alliance in effectively managing chronic health conditions in patients grappling with addiction and mental health issues. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of addiction on the body, the influence of psychological trauma and adverse childhood experiences on physical health, and the significance of therapeutic alliance for health professionals.

Course Topics:

1. Effects of Addiction on the Body:
• Overview of addiction as a chronic health condition
• Understanding the physiological impact of substance abuse
• Common comorbidities and health complications associated with addiction

2. Effects of Psychological Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences on Physical Health:
• Exploring the link between trauma, mental health issues, and physical well-being
• Understanding the long-term effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the body
• Recognizing trauma-informed care as an integral part of healthcare for individuals with addiction

3. Importance of Therapeutic Alliance in Physical Therapy Practice:
• Defining therapeutic alliance and its relevance in healthcare settings
• Exploring the role of trust, empathy, and collaboration in building therapeutic relationships
• Strategies for establishing and maintaining effective therapeutic alliances with patients with
addiction and mental health issues

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, case examples, and practical exercises, participants will develop the skills necessary to cultivate a therapeutic alliance that supports and empowers patients dealing with addiction and mental health challenges in managing their chronic health conditions. This course is designed for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their clinical practice in treating this complex patient population.
Fee: $50.00

Patti Berg- Poppe

Patti Berg-Poppe,PT, MPT, Ph.D., is a physical therapist who holds a tenured position as Professor and Chair within the University of South Dakota's Department of Physical Therapy. Dr. Berg Poppe holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology in Education (University of South Dakota), a MPT degree (University of Iowa), and an M.A. degree in English Language and Literature (University of Kentucky). In 2018, Dr. Berg-Poppe completed the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) presenter training course. Subsequently, she directed a grant-funded project that connected experts from addiction counseling and prevention, medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, and social work to develop a trauma-informed care curriculum for interprofessional team members supporting children and families. Outcomes from this curriculum were published as 2 peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Berg-Poppe integrates information about the physical manifestations of psychological trauma and adverse childhood experiences into USD DPT coursework as a means of shaping future physical therapists as professionals who understand neurobiological influences on both child development and patient care.

Melissa Dittberner

Mo (Melissa Dittberner), Ph.D., CPS, PS, LMT, is an esteemed lecturer within the Addiction Counseling and Prevention department at the University of South Dakota. Dr. Mo holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology in Education, a master's degree in Addiction Studies, and a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. In addition to her teaching role, Dr. Mo is a TED speaker, prevention specialist, and peer support advocate. As the president of Straight Up Care, a telehealth platform for peer supports, Dr. Mo is dedicated to providing accessible and compassionate care to individuals in need. Dr. Mo is a co-author at Shift Mindset. Her scholarly interests include research exploring college students' substance use, pedagogy, addiction, trauma, body brokering, tattoos and healing, and harm reduction. Through her research, she strives to gain insights into these complex topics and promote effective strategies for addressing them. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Mo personally identifies as a person in long-term recovery. This lived experience deeply influences her mission to empower individuals to help themselves.

Kory Zimney

Kory Zimney, PT, DPT, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of South Dakota. Dr. Zimney holds a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy (Nova Southeastern University), a post-professional DPT (Des Moines University), and a MPT degree (University of North Dakota). He has been involved in research and published numerous articles about pain neuroscience and is part of the Therapeutic Neuroscience Research Group led by Dr. Adriaan Louw. His dissertation focused on the effects of trust within the therapeutic alliance and how trust levels between therapists and patients affected outcomes for patients with chronic low back pain. He has presented nationally and internationally on this topic at various conferences and speaking opportunities.


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